Stop asking me if my baby is sleeping through the night

If I read another article or hear another mom say that Averie, at almost 5 months, should start sleeping through the night, I’m going to break something.

As a newborn, I considered her a good sleeper. Sure, she woke every 3 hours for feeding, but what newborn doesn’t? Yes I know, the odd ones here and there, whose moms are super lucky to not know what true sleep deprivation is. Well I’m not one of those lucky moms. But as I read once, embrace the sleep deprivation before it kills you. So I did and got used to the middle of the night feeds. Somewhat anyway. For the most part she was predictable and I appreciated that predictability.

Things started to change when she turned 3 months. Night time became unpredictable. Some nights she would sleep through, waking just to feed. Some nights she would stay up after nursing. Other nights she woke up just because and who knows why.

Now every time Averie has a stretch of “good” nights, meaning she slept 4-5 hours without waking, even for feeding, someone would ask me if she’s sleeping well or if she’s a good sleeper or of she’s a good baby, or if if if….

And every time someone asks me that, the very same night she will wake up at various times throughout the night and this will go on for the next several nights.

So unless you’re one of my mom friends with babies close to Averie’s age and asks only to share experience and advice, please don’t ask me if Averie is a good sleeper or if she’s a good baby. By the way, she is a good baby all the time and not sleeping well throughout the night does not make her a bad baby. I don’t want to talk about her sleep, unless I need help and require advice or just need to vent from sleep deprivation.

I also have decided I will not ask anyone that question. Don’t think I don’t care if I don’t ask. It’s just that, what’s the point? Babies, just like adults, will have good nights and bad nights.

So here’s to a good night’s sleep to all the moms out there! 🍸🍷🍺


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